Achieving advanced levels of quality and leading in the provision of studies, research and integrated training solutions that keep abreast of the global progress. We at Al-Hawdah Center for Studies, Research and Training are working to promote us to be pioneers in local and regional standards and practices in our specialization.

Quality concept

Quality in the group perspective means excellence in providing the services required of them effectively so that they are free of errors and defects and provide the lowest cost, and live up to the level of expectations and desires of the beneficiaries and achieve full satisfaction present and future, through improvement and continuous development and compliance with the requirements and performance standards, From the first time and every time.

Creativity: All the work of our center revolves around it. We strive to create an internal environment that stimulates creativity and continuously seeks positive competitiveness that reflects on our customers to meet their expectations.

Commitment: We seek the identity center to achieve full commitment to all the commitments and agreements that we conclude, as well as abide by all laws, regulations and decisions issued by the organizers and supervising the work of the Center.

Professional Care: We strive to maintain an appropriate level of due diligence in all our outputs to ensure value added that exceeds the expectations of researchers, learners and beneficiaries.

Reliability and Efficiency: We continuously develop our capabilities to ensure the efficiency of our human resources to provide the best product and appropriate to the needs of customers and real investors.

Working Environment: The IDI Center believes that its success requires focusing on creating an internal work environment conducive to creativity supported by professionals with a high level of scientific and practical qualification. We work in a team spirit and we adopt the principle of active participation with the target groups to achieve success.

Quality in all our business: Our strategy is to ensure a high level of quality in the work we do, not only to satisfy the needs of our customers but also to achieve our long-term vision.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics: We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and work ethic in all our transactions and we understand the differences of these rules according to the different working environments and markets in which we operate. Honesty, honesty, integrity and transparency include ensuring the achievement of goals and success in accordance with the principle of effective partnership with the parties we deal with.

Objectives of Quality Application in Identity Center:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Achieve satisfaction and expectations of beneficiaries of the Center's services.
  • Achieve satisfaction and expectations of the Center's staff.
  • Achieving a model for quality and excellence in providing training services.
  • Establish a comprehensive and integrated system of performance at the center.
  • Access to an infinite number of errors.
  • Build an integrated system to prevent errors in performance.

Description of Identity Center:

It is an integrated institution with a range of academic and scientific institutions including a training center, an international professional safety center, an international measurement and calibration center, a human resource management center, a consultancy and feasibility studies center, supported by a number of international, Arab and Iraqi universities. International support for the establishment of cooperation agreements with various parties, which are reference reference protocols. Traditionally such projects are usually owned by governments or economic or social organizations.

Describe the nature and work joints:

External training: The external training of the important joints in the project and work continues without interruption, according to the training plan developed and rich topics, training programs and workshops that are provided throughout the year to the Arab countries, and is usually in the approach of ministries and government departments and private institutions, companies and bodies, In the training programs with certain training fees, and the training of foreign aid is usually accompanied by the continuation and repetition of a number of delegations in the same ministry or institution through securing their place of residence (housing)

Internship: This is the training of local individuals and institutions of graduates, employees and cadres to continue the work throughout the year without interruption. The number is increasing and growing with the desire to obtain professional, academic, technical, engineering and administrative certificates for various fields and from all age groups.

Feasibility studies: The advantage of establishing economic feasibility studies and the technical and engineering consultations related to a small number of institutions. We have a license to establish feasibility studies and are accredited by several governmental bodies and institutions for accreditation in various banks and financial institutions. During the lifetime of our center, Such as the study of the Iraqi economic satellite channel (Jordan), the study of the feasibility of the specialized Arab medical channel (Kuwait), and (Feasibil) (Automated, Lamb, calf) The automated slaughterhouse in Syria, and our center has many feasibility studies (processed) which we have submitted to The Jordanian Investment Promotion Authority, including the food industry and the different laboratories of information technology projects, tourism projects and sea products in both Arabic and English, and the need to support this aspect and enhance progress in all fields and investment of the expertise available to us. The detailed studies include that our institution conduct various field surveys and procedures And T ask by many different actors, and this entire side we have available to address any poll.

Research: The ID Center, in accordance with the license granted, conducts various researches through contemporary empirical studies on various subjects, including the students and students, and to conduct researches. Our center, based on various partnerships, seeks technical and professional support and through the publication and adoption of such research in accordance with the intellectual property law.

The Bank of Ideas and Development Initiatives: It is a mechanism for the interaction between the management of the Center and the minds of Iraqi and Arab people who have creative ideas and developmental initiatives. It aims to involve citizens and institutions in the development and advancement of society through citizens' And development projects in all areas of development and submitted to the relevant institutions or any entity is proposed, and adopts the idea of ​​this project that the idea of ​​the idea of ​​the idea of ​​managing the site and explain in detail with the clarification of the social return and mechanisms of implementation , As well as the development initiatives organized by private institutions, civil society organizations and other non-profit organizations, and after being approved by a specialized committee to maintain the "initiative of the idea and the initiative" (ie the intellectual property and the entrepreneur and the idea to be aware of the steps of publication, Or to amend to become acquainted with the initiatives and ideas of owners and dissemination of community and mobilization of voluntary efforts to ask for it, and then the task force entrusted with the study of these ideas and identify the good ones and communicate and coordinate with their owners to discuss the mechanisms of implementation and the development of work plans, Government agencies - that have been proposed that - or ministries concerned.